A New Edition of

Archpriest Michael Polsky's

New Martyrs of Russia

New Martyrs of Russia, christian books
Customer Comments:

"We have customers who have waited long for this to be reprinted." Seattle, Wa

"I am especially gratefull for the economic information concerning Pre-revolutionary Russia, its helps to dispel the "accepted" view of a backward nation."Alberta, Canada

"We need this book!" Denver,Colorado

"My most profound gratitude for your much needed contribution!" Kansas

"This is not a dull historical book, but a living witness to a time of spiritual struggle and faithfulness to Christ. A time when a clear choice had to be made with no room for lukewarmness. Well done!" New Jersey

"It is a great asset to have this book availible again in English" Munich, Germany

"Superb!" Jordanville, New York

"May God bless you one thousand times over!" Montreal

"This book should be in every Russian Orthodox home in North America." Fr. S. Vancouver,B.C.

A complete reprint of the long out of print 1972 Montreal edition (all 137pgs.) This new edition (356 pgs.), also contains additional lives of our New Martyrs and a selection of articles written by free voices in the Diaspora. It is destined to become a classic in the literature of the New Martyrs availible in the English language. No one source in print has as much information availible.

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Softcover, 356 pgs. Illustrated.

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