A Sad Reply to the Article "PATH OF THE ROCA CHURCH"
written by Archpriest Roman Lukianov 12/11/2001

This Article can be found at http://www.bostonrusschurch.org/roca_way_en.htm

As most children learn early, stubborn repetition of a lie does not make it truth. This is why the Statements of the apostates from our Holy Church Outside Russia are becoming less convincing and more and more monotonous! However, for the sake of the few who may still be confused by them, we will reply to the "PATH OF THE ROCA" By Archpriest Roman Lukianov, dated 12/11/ 2001, Boston.

The first section of this Statement is simply a repetition of the Sobors from the first of 1920 until 1937. With this latter "Resolution" we start seeing a distortion of the truth. It is here that we first encounter the holy name of "Mother" applied to the "Church Enslaved!" This enslaved "church" neither was, nor, is a mother of the refugees from the persecutions assisted by the church administration in Moscow, i.e. the MP. Let's face it, Brothers and Sisters! This enslaved church ACCEPTED its enslavement in preference to either martyrdom for Christ's Truth or exile for the duration of the atheistic government. (Later in this Statement it is claimed that this " Mother Church" made public repentance for the crime of regicide but the submission of the MP to the atheist government (the PRIMARY sin against Christ was not mentioned!) To continue : The Corporate Charter of April 30, 1952, stresses the "time limitation" on the existence and authority of the ROCA which is to continue "as long as Russia or any of her satellite lands remain under Communist rule." This "time limitation"is stressed again in 1964. Incidentally, during the 1960's our Metropolitan Philaret of Blessed memory and Met. Vitaly forbade ANY contact with the MP; while refusing to deny grace to the MP they also correctly said that certain specific deeds of the MP clergy, performed on orders of the godless authorities, were naturally without Grace.

In 1991, the Communist regime supposedly "fell!" However, this Statement itself admits that "the leftovers of the Soviet mentality and State Government remain!" And among these leftovers are many of the selfsame men who were so active in the bloody past! Even in the face of this , it is now asserted that "the people of Russia feel free and consider themselves free of any Communist influence" and, as a result, the existence and authority of the ROCA, has now come to an end! Finally, after 80 years of both secret and open efforts to crush ROCA, aided in recent years by our own misguided and disobedient hierarchs, the wolf has smoothly entered the sheepfold!

Do not be so sure! Let us take a second look at some more of the same old lies. First, the fallacies that THREE Russian Orthodox Churches have existed, do now exist or CAN exist. The Holy Church placed by the Lord Jesus Christ under the guardianship and guidance of the Most Holy Spirit, is, always was and always will be the ONE, HOLY, APOSTOLIC CHURCH whether it is in Russia, Israel, Germany, the U.S. or any other country. A living part of this Holy Church is the Orthodox Catacomb Church, still as always the guide and true guardian of Russian Orthodox Christians, forbidden by conscience from trying to worship in the beautiful but spiritually empty apostate churches. And the third and most glorious part of this ONE, HOLY, APOSTOLIC CHURCH is the Heavenly One, the Saints and Martyrs and Faithful of all these 2002 years!

This Statement, as similar ones seem nearly always to do, mentions the delight expressed by visitors, especially new converts to Orthodoxy (!) who join the crowds of Russians in magnificent temples, newly re-guilded just as prophesized and the dramatic Church Services as stirring as ever but from which the Holy Spirit of TRUTH had departed, just as also prophesized. But let us turn from the spectacle of triumphant rejoicing (over WHAT ?) to the tragedy concealed from those unable or unwilling to look Truth in the face.

Another lie to be refuted: "The Path of the ROCA began to change with the consecration of Bishop Varnava in 1984 or thereabouts." NO. It began to change away back in 1960's or even before, with the secret and forbidden contacts of some of our own misguided hierarchs with the MP. As the older and truly loyal hierarchs began to pass to their rest, the remaining bishops and clergy used their enlarged influence to assist the ever-growing ranks of those longing to destroy the one outstanding citadel of genuine Orthodoxy remaining, the ROCA. Nor is it true that the Catacomb Church resented the opening of parishes in Russia under the control of the ROCA; on the contrary. But it was the uproar created by those who DID resent them which frightened them off.

This Statement closes with the dire warning that a "Lawful (?) division must not be allowed to develop into schism which will leave the ROCA as a broken- off vine, and atrophy which cannot be saved." And right here, my dear ones in Christ, is the usual climax of gigantic lies such as we are studying.... a TOTAL REVERSAL OF TRUTH INTO COMPLETE FALSEHOOD!

Let us be perfectly clear about this situation: THERE IS A SCHISM ! Those who have hindered, deceived, disobeyed, reviled and even dragged their God- appointed Metropolitan from the Altar and otherwise harmed and humiliated him and finally uncanonically and rudely replaced him with another man and who by their uncivilized and unchristian behaviour forced the true spiritual Leader out of his own quarters in Synod and took over for themselves... now call themselves the "Church" and affect to be " THE CHURCH" who are in reality outside of the Church and in serious danger of eternal punishment, for their own incomprehensible behaviour and also for the countless immortal souls who are being cruelly led far from Christ and His TRUTH!

Yes, the father of lies, now so soon to take over, is preparing his path and, as always, it is the majority who are so eager to help him. Let us , dear lovers of Jesus Christ, pray for them and also guard ourselves most carefully, for their spiritual sickness is not only fatal but extremely contagious! The author's closing statement is that "the natural next step is restoration of Eucharistic and Canonical unity with the "Mother Church"! which, even with the "autonomous administration of the ROCA" is pitifully ridiculous and impossible. No! The ONLY" next step", which does not lead into the Pit itself, is simply for the apostates, from the top on down, to humbly openly repent and return to the Church they too hastily left. May the Merciful God grant it, for the time is growing very short and " GOD IS NOT MOCKED!"

Abbess Juliana

Chile 2002

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